Bring Me A Minstrel is your guide to understanding the psalmist ministry. Through this practical teaching, you will learn how the ministry operates, its purpose within the Body of Christ and how psalmists can walk out their full potential according to their measure of grace. It is an awakening and a call for the true minstrels to arise and operate effectively as God’s mouthpiece in the earth releasing the song of the Lord. God has empowered His singers and musicians to release the sound of heaven in the earth. If you are a Minister of the Gospel, singer, songwriter, producer, pastor or just a lover of music and the Jesus ministry, you will be edified by this teaching.

I’m Called To This is for the woman with a renewed passion for the Lord, who wants to rekindle her prayer life and take on the challenge with this 40-day prayer journal. With our busy day to day activities as women, wife, mom, it is so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of our careers and calling in various contexts. With a reformed mind, we courageously accept that we are called by God in various capacities and we will conquer in those callings while totally immersed in the life of Jesus, a life of prayer.

Each day has a direct quote from the author, guided scriptures, and leaves room for you to write your prayer requests, action points (instructions from the Lord) and personal encounters (miraculous experiences).
As you journey each day with the Lord, experience the art and joy of writing, make notes and document your thoughts and reflections.